Protection of intellectual property

Counterfeiting has reached new levels in recent decades, characterised by technical progress on the part of its producers and the internationalisation of distribution, notably online.

In order to help our clients protect their intellectual property, we conduct all or part of the following tasks:

  • Online investigations: comprehensive inventory, monitoring and analysis of distribution sites (site ownership, publicity, visibility); the sending of warning letters to owners, advertisers and search engines (support for de-listing); cooperation with the relevant administrative bodies (regulators, customs, police);
  • Field research: identifying producers and distribution networks, collecting information and proof, cooperation with the relevant administrative bodies (customs, police, courts).


Governments, international institutions and businesses regularly fall victim to asset misappropriation arising from fraudulent practices and corruption.

In order to help our clients to receive compensation, we carry out the following actions:

  • Documenting fraud: collecting information, documents and witness statements via field research and, where possible, technical operations (digital forensics) on our clients’ information systems;
  • Tracking misappropriated funds;
  • Supporting judicial action based on the information collected.

Litigation support

Faced with serious challenges (unfair competition, hostile takeover, predatory attempts, raid, biased arbitration, illicit trade, disruptive activities etc..), institutions and international businesses need to regain the upper-hand by carrying out a strong defence.

In order to help our clients, we carry out the following actions:

  • Profiling the wrongdoer: strengths and weaknesses;
  • Documenting the wrongdoing: real intentions, tactics, supporters and colluders, infractions committed;
  • Using this information: judicial cases and influence.